corporate responsibility
gas power plant

At present wind and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) are the most feasible sources of renewable energy.

However, Visual Energy focuses on models to supply energy of various degrees of sustainability, amongst others the use of LPG gas and Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO). And in some instances diesel power plants remain the only feasible option.

Corporate Responsibility

Visual Energy fosters an environmentally friendly approach. We subscribe to the principle that each individual and company has a responsibility towards the environment.

Furthermore, Visual Energy subscribes to the principles of the Judeo Christian faith; and as a result continues to be actively involved in various community projects of a socio-economic nature.

The principals of Visual Energy are aware of the fact that its activities can impact in a number of ways on various people and organisations, all of whom Visual Energy regards as its stakeholders. It therefore acts responsibly towards all of its stakeholders, including the general public. The members of Visual Energy join hands with all of its partners, to develop and build power generating solutions, in order to enable it’s customers to enjoy reliable, renewable, energy efficient, and reasonably priced electricity - this is both our job and our pride.

The quality, nature and appropriateness of Visual Energy’s products and solutions stem from the expertise of its people and of those with whom it formed strategic relationships. The manner in which all of these skilled and experienced people co-operate with one another enables Visual Energy to leverage highly effective and focussed efforts, in order to meet the demanding challenge of providing reliable and reasonably priced energy efficient sources to its clients and of supplementing or replacing their current energy supplies.