visual energy
wind power

At present wind and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) are the most feasible sources of renewable energy.

However, Visual Energy focuses on models to supply energy of various degrees of sustainability, amongst others the use of LPG gas and Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO). And in some instances diesel power plants remain the only feasible option.

Our Business Model

Visual energy’s business is to plan for and then to build, manage, operate and own or co-own small power stations in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. The electricity generated is sold mostly to big users, such as to factories, mines, farms, municipalities and the regional power suppliers. In Visual Energy’s business model it is recognised that, for the time being, Eskom and other regional power suppliers will continue to be the main suppliers to our clients, but we help our clients:

  1. to have a sufficient back-up power supply, in order to support basic power needs in case of power failures. Such basic power supply (i.e. Visual Energy’s power supply to our clients) will typically be their first-use power, on an ongoing basis;
  2. to start the process of our clients becoming independent of regional energy suppliers;
  3. to supply electricity for our clients where power supply is currently not available or is insufficient;
  4. to assist our clients to move as much and as fast as possible towards the generation and use of renewable energy or more efficient energy generation, and to receive the appropriate carbon credits; and
  5. to supply power into the grids of the regional energy suppliers.

Visual Energy partners with, amongst other, big users of power, financiers, suppliers of wind/solar/etc equipment, co-developers of the business, and with companies/people who assist with the forming of such strategic relationships.