visual energy
visual energy members
  • Charles K Robertson
  • Peter E Gobbelaar
  • Grant Noble
  • Thys Human
Charles K Robertson
The Visual International Group was formed in 1992 under the management of Charles K Robertson, who is the managing director of Visual Energy and of the Group. He holds a PhD in Education and a MCom in Economics, both from the University of Stellenbosch.

Peter E Grobbelaar
Peter E Grobbelaar is the Project Director of Visual Energy. Peter is responsible for the planning of the client’s energy solution and for all the facets related to the installation and commissioning of the power stations. He was involved with the establishment of and was responsible as senior project manager for the development of the apartment buildings at the V&A Waterfront Company in Cape Town. Energy and power supply were core elements in each of these projects. Peter holds a BSc in Building Science from the University of Cape Town, and has more than 25 years of energy development, and property and building management experience.

Grant Noble
Grant Noble is the Financial Director of Visual Energy. Grant is responsible for the development of the financial models, the calculations for each project, the financial management of the company, the ongoing property (i.e. power station) management, ongoing customer relationships and the relevant information technology management of Visual Energy. He has more than seven years of experience in financial, energy and property management, and holds a BCom degree in Accounting and Business Management from the University of Stellenbosch.

Thys Human
Thys Human is the Marketing Director of Visual Energy. Thys is responsible to identify potential clients for the company and to establish mutually beneficial relationships with each one of them. He is a civil engineer by training. Thys’ skill and experience in the engineering field and his passion for people are good foundation stones for him to fulfil his responsibilities with the company, i.e. to facilitate relationships amongst the stakeholders, professionals, officials, marketing experts and financiers, in order to bring about successful conclusion, for and on behalf of each client, of Visual Energy’s projects.

Thys focuses on:
(a) identification of potential clients;
(b) working with each client to determine his/her vision for the particular energy generation project;
(c) the assimilation of the necessary variables and information that will or may affect the proposed project;
(d) participating with the client during the strategic planning phase; and
(e) assisting with the installation and implementation phases.