visual energy
solar panels

At present wind and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) are the most feasible sources of renewable energy.

However, Visual Energy focuses on models to supply energy of various degrees of sustainability, amongst others the use of LPG gas and Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO). And in some instances diesel power plants remain the only feasible option.

The Process

Visual Energy follows the following processes with the identification and implementation of its projects:

  1. Identify potential clients.
  2. Establish the client’s needs, preferences and other parameters.
  3. Undertake a rough pre-feasibility study, and make a presentation to the client of the relevant aspects of such a project.
  4. Get the client’s feedback, make the necessary changes, and do further work to satisfy the client.
  5. Enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the client.
  6. A part of the MOU is an agreement with the client of the parameters, costing, etc of a more comprehensive feasibility study. Visual Energy accepts the responsibility to find the necessary funding, in order for it to finance such a feasibility study on risk.
  7. Acquire the funding for the feasibility study.
  8. Undertake the feasibility study.
  9. Amongst other, the feasibility study incorporates a business plan dealing with aspects such as the ownership, financing, development, long term operation and long term management of the power plant.
  10. The feasibility study also incorporates the finalisation of all the relevant agreements, for instance power usage by the client, ownership, financing, consultancy work, equipment supply, building and installation, operation and management.
  11. Develop and build the power plant.
  12. Commission the power plant.
  13. Operate the power plant and manage it.
  14. Ensure ongoing client satisfaction.