visual energy

Visual Energy is a power generation business, currently operative in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.

The focus is to partner with and to assist clients to generate their own electricity; and for such electricity to be generated in as renewable a manner as possible, financially and otherwise.

The Group

Visual Energy, i.e. Visual International Energy (Pty) Ltd, is a member of the Visual International Group. The Group comprises of a number of companies and trusts, and which entities focus mainly on power generation projects, property development and related business activities in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. The Head Office is at 23 Kleinplaas, Hohenhort Street, Stellenberg – in Cape Town. The Group is well established as an energy supplier, property developer, development property owner and a property investment holding group.

Various property owning companies in the Group own sites which are well positioned and sufficiently large, and which have the potential for renewable and other power generation plants to be established on them. Environmental Impact Assessment and other approval processes are currently being undertaking for some of these. Visual Energy co-operates in these instances.

The main focus of Visual Energy is to provide in some or all of the energy needs of its clients, whether this be in some or other form of renewable energy, back-up and/or other power generation.